Tuesday, 22 April 2014

When the clock strikes midnight.... ;)

This post is all about the pictures... the moments that you capture and you wish you could freeze the time and stay there watching as a ''spy-eye'' every detail, absorb the energy of the place and feel nothing else but fulfillment.... cause at the very end of the day... what do you wish for? Live to the edge,travel a lot, feel the pulse of your era and try to upgrade your beliefes... get inspired from everything....you will never feel calm until you find out the purpose of your life... and once you find it...everything about it becomes an addiction....Random thoughts and insta-pics from a day to remember in London... not a long time ago... or maybe a lot... depends on how you count time ;) :P




Monday, 31 March 2014

Oxford Castle

Going around Oxford is never boring especially if you bump into things that you never noticed before even though you had been there lots of times...They are there... yelling at you... and only when the time comes you are able to see the details... or the beauty of something unspecific and not that obvious... the beauty is hidden in the small maybe ugly, by controvercy, things... these are that make the huge difference and surprise you... This Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around the castle... i didn't have the chance to get in to Malmaison Hotel before... and see how the old dangeons are renovated into rooms... and other parts  as the hotel itself but also restaurants and cocktail bars... everything inside the hotel is connected with glass bridges.Whereas, stone and wood are the dominant materials arount the castle...The feeling that you have when you are in the mid garden surrounded by the huge stone walls of the dangeons is weird... like everything is abandoned... and you are the only one there...reminiscing old times and memmories... 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

mystique light

Hey guys! Still in your pj's? I doubt it...Especially here that's it's so sunny that the first thing that comes into your mind is beachin' hehe!I am sure that you rememeber my very good talented friend Xristos with whom i cooperated the previous september for a project. This time he hits again with his edited shots of mine... can you see a strange light that covers them? I think it's his signature.... the one that makes every artist and piece of art unique... if you see pieces of art of a single artist then you know they are his work.. they breath in and out the same way... they light up the place the same way.... you can hear the same sound underneath... you are lost in the same fairytale...  

check xristos's work here and here .Click for follow... 

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

vintage dream...

I think that most of us love vintage things... Those things that remind us  a beautiful story from the past... that we can even smell  once we see for instance a picture... If you feel creative start edit your picture-memories... when you feel lost, when you feel sad,when you feel loved, when you feel fulfilled,when you succeed, when you .... there will be always there for you... one glimpse and you are done... it could be you happy or thrilled or funny... or with friends... maybe at the seashore... maybe up to a tree... remember your feelings... find yourself... aren't you happy now that you had a look at your beloved memories?! 

vintage filter cover