Sunday, 17 November 2013

Andy Warhol & Pop Art

As I promised... you can have a look of one of my favourite dresses... an Andy Warhol piece straight licensed for pepe jeans from ''the factory NY studio'' his place... you can also have a look at the museum here. Andy Warhol is the father of pop art and i'm sure that you all know his outstanding prints... they are those that nce you see them you know that it's all about Warhol....
dress: Andy Warhol for pepe jeans 
shoes: art 
bag: Andy Warhol for pepe jeans  
earrings: handmade (my design)







Thursday, 14 November 2013

Black &White

I know that i haven't uploaded anything the last weeks but believe me guys.... it's for good! ;) I have teamed up for some photo shootings that i will upload in the next  posts with Sabel a talented photographer see the site here  who is currently experimenting with different photo shooting themes and projects... stay tuned for more! You know that i adore androginous looks and most of the times, without even realize it, i end up with a shirt and a pair of pants :P . I hope you like it... let me know! 

love u and miss u :* 

white shirt: zara women
black pants: zara  women 
black velvet: platfom sandals: zara women 
earrrings: handmade (after i  designed them) 








Wednesday, 9 October 2013

From Oxford With Love...

I know i haven’t blog for a week but i live in frantic rates the last few days. Definitely, it’s one of the best periods of my life! Oxford is a magic city… you will understand if you come and see all these mideval castles-colleges and the huge gardens…These pictures were taken while i was walking around and most of them are latergrams see my instagram profile here...I have met great people and I’ve been to lots of parties...i will remember for days ...Anyways, although it should be cold windy and rainy… thank god it’s sunny and I can go for walks and explore the city… (you know what I mean girls!!!) On the other hand I live for the moment that I’ll wake up and see out of my window  the forest covered with a thick white snow duvet!!! 

floral shirt: h&m 
jeans: phard 
castor leather trainerseco green 
vintage leather bag 
scarf: zara 
sunnies: giafranco ferre






Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Big words from great people...

Tuesday afternoon... in my pj's drinking hot coffee reading,bloging and cocooning and sometimes gazing at the view of the forest outside of my window... listening the wind blowing and wondering... I wanted to share with you these great words from my pinterest board here ... don't you agree guys?