Saturday, 25 January 2014

show me your inner you :P

Hi there! These pics are from a day in London and Oxford with my sister and our friend Mariana (a dreamer and a visioner ;) an upcoming star, see her profile here)  who came to visit me. We were walking around museums... and we didin''t do the expected ''photoshooting'' about the outfits. So they are just random shots...playing and laughing. I will upload the shots from my last trip in London soon.
* you can see that the #lbd (little black dress)rules!!!

I am wearing... ankle boots: camper
                        jeans: phard
                        black sweater:zara
                        vintage camel wool coat
                        metallic leather bag (limited edition) : marks and spencer
                        dress: french connction
                        vintage black jacket
                        necklaces:nice things
                       pony skin-rain boots :pixie


Saturday, 11 January 2014

Daydreaming is allowed cause...

ΗAPPY MERRY NEW YEAR! I wish you health and happiness!Never loose your smile and hope!Remember to fight for your dreams no matter the obstacles that come in your way! I know it's a little bit late... but i'm sure that you know how it is when you are making career future plans... too much stress to catch up with different deadlines and prepare for interviews... I will let you know about the outcome. As you know i am a molecular biologist and i have to study hard for my exams, and then go back to Oxford where there is a smell of the pioneering scientific achievements in the air. Studying and working there was a dream for me and for every scientist i suppose. So,that's why i say ''daydreaming is allowed!!! :) ... cause you are able to continue dreaming , cease the day and make them come true before night comes... then dream again... try to make it a reality... ;) and keep going ... ;)  Who can tell that dreams are only allowed when you are sleeping at night?!
For this post,i will leave you with these shots that Sabel took of me and told me that there is an exhibition coming up and also a book ... ''portraits''... How proud one can be when artists are got inspired of him....There are shots that i can't blog about.So, you have to wait until the exhibition and the book. I am also editing pictures of my latest trip to London ... i will blog about them as soon as possible. Till then, keep safe and smile...  

I am wearing zara embelished shirt and handmade earrings....