Monday, 31 March 2014

Oxford Castle

Going around Oxford is never boring especially if you bump into things that you never noticed before even though you had been there lots of times...They are there... yelling at you... and only when the time comes you are able to see the details... or the beauty of something unspecific and not that obvious... the beauty is hidden in the small maybe ugly, by controvercy, things... these are that make the huge difference and surprise you... This Sunday afternoon we went for a walk around the castle... i didn't have the chance to get in to Malmaison Hotel before... and see how the old dangeons are renovated into rooms... and other parts  as the hotel itself but also restaurants and cocktail bars... everything inside the hotel is connected with glass bridges.Whereas, stone and wood are the dominant materials arount the castle...The feeling that you have when you are in the mid garden surrounded by the huge stone walls of the dangeons is weird... like everything is abandoned... and you are the only one there...reminiscing old times and memmories... 

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